Dear UK, the future of content and link sharing … is in your hands

Update to my post : The future of content and link sharing … is in the hands of the UK Court of Appeal

Dear UK,

It really bothers me that, right under your noses, there is a legal case happening that is manipulating copyright laws for the commercial benefit of one organisation which could ultimately enforce unrealistic regulations on everyday internet link sharers–and yet I see so few of you jumping up and down trying to make the legal system see some sense.

Admittedly, many of you have expressed your indignation in tweets and blogs, but indignation only gets you so far … now is the time for action, real action before it is too late.

Please read Neville Hobson’s post: Taking Link licensing to a higher level and take five minutes to email the letter he has included to your local MP.


“The NLA Ltd.’s exploitation of outdated copyright laws to develop revenue streams will lead to the criminalisation of thousands, if not millions of regular search engine users, because under the new licence snippets (small extracts) will be considered sufficiently substantial to be copyright protected. Furthermore, headlines are to be considered copyright protected as well, meaning even reproducing film listings will be against the law. This sets an untenable and absurd precedent.”

Five minutes from each and every one of you  involved could make the difference.

C’mon UK,

Now is the time to jump up and down.


About Carla Del Vecchio

Digital media strategist, published writer and editor, who is mad for social media and lattes (but only the good stuff).
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