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Google plus business—let’s start thinking … inside the circle

After an initial explore of Google+ it’s obvious that the circles concept—a user friendly version of the Facebook “friends list”—has some exciting potential for business. Advertisements

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On PR and what you ate for lunch

Is Twitter really just a bunch of status updates?

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Quora. What’s all the fuss about?

Good question. Launched publicly from a beta model six months ago, I must confess that I’d heard very little about Quora until yesterday where with the speed of referral that is the phenomenon of the social media grapevine, Quora hit … Continue reading

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The social part of social networking

I had a great time at a social gathering of Melbourne tweeters last night that evolved from a simple tweet … … and gathered speed and momentum with tweeters driving the event and a clever restaurant/pub jumping in to offer … Continue reading

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