Three of the best, this week.

Three of the best links flying around the Internet this week.

In my opinion … of course.

1. Five Ways to Use Social Data to Grow Your Business, by Social Media Examiner. Tweeted by Meltwater Buzz. But more about that in a minute …

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Quora. What’s all the fuss about?

Good question.

Launched publicly from a beta model six months ago, I must confess that I’d heard very little about Quora until yesterday where with the speed of referral that is the phenomenon of the social media grapevine, Quora hit Twitter in a maelstrom of tweets and updates.

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Hyper-links and the future of net-sharing

As a writer I’m concerned about copyright issues—and as a writer of web content this concern grows with every case of nasty net-plagiarism that I come across. Text is lifted so often and so easily on the internet and the policing of such is usually left to the individual writer who invariably only gains a satisfactory result by mobilising an angry social media rabble to lobby the usually unscrupulous (or just plain dumb) copy-paste artiste into ‘doing the right thing’. So the recent copyright rulings in the UK High Court certainly grabbed my attention. But suddenly I find myself being a little more concerned about my rights as a net-citizen than I am as a writer. Continue reading

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The social part of social networking

I had a great time at a social gathering of Melbourne tweeters last night that evolved from a simple tweet …

… and gathered speed and momentum with tweeters driving the event and a clever restaurant/pub jumping in to offer to host the night. For most it was a fun time, putting a face to the avatar and getting to know those people we often tweet with but have never met before. However, there was one moment in the evening which reminded me that there is a very fine line between networking and marketing.

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Your new business needs a visual identity

Guest Blogger Rosa Piciocco, Graphic Designer and Creative Director of design studio Liquidink, discusses the importance of getting visual branding right for your business.

Okay … so you are starting a new business. You have registered your business name—so what’s next in the process?

“Logo”, “visual identity”, “branding”, “logotype”, “symbol” what ever you choose to call it—you will need a visual identity that will identify and position your new business/product/service in the marketplace and will be unique to you.

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Is social media engagement really about conversations?

There’s a lot of hum n’buzz online about whether social networks, in particular— Twitter, are effective as a means of engaging with your market. Problem is everyone has a different idea of what ‘engagement’ really is.

For most engagement seems to mean one thing: conversation. And the success of these conversations is measured by the RT’s or @ replies that go on between two (or more) Tweeters.

For me, however, engagement is less about conversations and more about connections.

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The twitter name I want for my business is not available!

So you’re ready to launch your business on Twitter… you hit the Twitter sign up pages only to find the name you want to represent your brand is taken! Drats!

Here are three tips to help you work your way around that problem:

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